Why do you need to promote your school?

Demand for higher education courses continues to grow. 2015 saw just under 600,000 applications – that’s 10,000 more than the previous record, set in 2011.

Rising birth rates will increase demand for primary and secondary school places – making advertising more important than ever before. To ensure potential pupils choose your school, college or university, promote yourself with effective promotional material and stationery.

Which of our educational stationery products can help?

  • Stylish and enticing brochures and prospectuses
  • Individual certificates e.g. head teacher’s award, attendance certificates
  • Administration sent via post – personalised envelopes and letterheads for correspondence
  • Professionally designed application forms
  • Posters and promotion material for open days – highlighting your core values, personality and motto
  • Staff business cards and visitor badges

Don’t stop at enrolment – spread the word with educational stationery

Consistently designed stationery is one way of maintaining professionalism; ensure that your brand and key values are always reflected in your newsletters, letterheads and staff business cards.

Picture the scene, you receive outstanding results from Ofsted and want to get the word out. Simply post out a stylish newsletter that showcases your fantastic news and is designed to reflect your key values and brand – a quality newsletter will help to showcase your talents in the best way possible, and make your school synonymous with success.

Obviously the most important factor of your place of education is the students. Reward their hard work with individually made certificates – enough to make any student’s day, or year!

Why choose Maxwell House Printers for your school stationery?

Any of our products will help to spread your positive message – and get your school the attention and reputation it deserves. It’s no wonder that the most popular educational institutions are backed by effective marketing.

With our years of print experience, our educational stationery can help your school, college or university to welcome new students, please current pupils and retain an ethos of professionalism. Contact us today to receive a free quote for bespoke educational stationery – we offer our printing services across Somerset and beyond.