Order of service printing: the perfect finishing touch

Colourful paper

Organised a charity event or a concert? Or maybe you just want to ensure guests know the plan of events for your wedding or occasion?

That is where order of service and bespoke leaflet printing come in.

What is an order of service?

It does what it says on the tin! It details the order of events for an occasion – this could be anything from a wedding to a charity fundraiser.

Think of any memorable event or occasion that you have been to. Chances are, there was a detailed and clear order of service to grab onto!

Wow visitors and guests

Order of service leaflets don’t just explain what is going on. They also act as the perfect finishing touch – if they are stylish enough, your guests will probably take them home as souvenirs. Yet this will only happen if you opt for aesthetically pleasing designs, and ones that are completely unique.

Fortunately, Maxwell House Printers offer just that – completely bespoke and tailor-made order of service prints. Choose from many paper types, colours and styles, making it easy to produce order of service booklets that are completely unique to your occasion.

The Somerset based printing specialists

Choose Maxwell for your order of service printing and you are also choosing unique, stylish and modern designs. Our team of creatives and printing experts will work with you throughout the entire process – ensuring that prints are created that completely match your needs and taste.

It is no wonder that the team here at Maxwell have worked with such reputable local businesses, including Thatchers, and pleased hundreds of individuals across Somerset too.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make the most of your upcoming event or special occasion, leaflet and order of service printing from Maxwell is the answer!