How do you attract students to your school, college or university?

Example brochure for Sidcot SchoolMarketing can be defined as promoting products or services and enticing people to choose your company.

This includes educational institutions – make sure you promote your school, college or university effectively, in order to attract potential students. The simple solution? High quality educational stationery.

What is educational stationery?

Educational stationery is printed material that can be used to promote your school and maintain an air of professionalism once students are enrolled. This includes brochures, prospectuses, posters, correspondence and business cards.

Some schools use what may be called expensive marketing gimmicks, such as offering free technological devices. But educational stationery and bespoke printing are much simpler and more cost effective ways to entice new students – whilst allowing you to spread the positive message of your school at the same time.

How can it help your school?

It is no coincidence that the schools who meet their enrolment targets are the schools that effectively manage their marketing. Getting across a key message and motto is something that sticks in people’s minds (whether parents or students), when they are researching which schools to choose.

Let Maxwell House do the hard work

bespoke poster for Sidcot School

Here at Maxwell House Printers, we have over 50 years of experience in promotional and educational stationery. As part of our educational stationery range, we offer prospectuses, posters and leaflets, all of which will help to entice potential students. Once pupils are enrolled, you can continue to please with individually made certificates and stylish letterheads and correspondence.

We offer our educational stationery printing services across Somerset and beyond. If you are a school college or university seeking promotional help, our products are a cost-effective solution. It is no wonder that well regarded schools such as Sidcot choose us for their tailor-made promotional material!

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