What can you gain from promotional printing?


In terms of marketing for political, educational and other organisations, promoting means gaining customer awareness of a message, brand or product. This in turn helps to generate sales, enhance brands and optimise the success of the business or organisation.

The most effective promotional printing is informative, stylish, memorable and matches your ethos and brand. Fortunately, Maxwell House Printers can offer such promotional printing, such as leaflets, flyers and brochures, including for the following sectors:

Political promotional printing

Politics goes hand in hand with clear messages, striking stationery and unique marketing. Printed leaflets that contain the most important information about your party and reasons to vote for you could be the difference between winning or losing elections, both locally and on a wider scale.

Maxwell House have produced a range of work for the Bridgwater Labour Party. Equally, our most recent project involves producing leaflets and flyers for the EU referendum. As shown with these examples, we can enhance the work of any political parties or organisations that need promotional help.

School promotional printing

It is sometimes difficult to see an educational centre as something to be marketed. But nowadays, it is necessary to entice new students – especially if surrounding schools are competing for their attention.

We have worked with high profile schools such as Sidcot, and effectively enhanced their unique brand with business cards, leaflets, promotional posters and brochures.

Retail promotional printing

Local shops, restaurants and businesses can unleash their true potential with effective marketing strategies. This could be as simple as having leaflets or memorable signage.

We have worked with a number of businesses in Somerset and beyond, including Thatchers, Cheddar Sweet Kitchen and Green Pastures Veterinary Centre. All of these businesses benefitted from unique promotional material, memorable stationery – and therefore increased customer awareness.

Whether your business fits into one of these three sectors or not, this is just an example of the promotional printing that Maxwell House Printers can offer.

We will work closely with you to produce high quality, bespoke material that will serve to increase brand awareness and gain you more customers. Whether brochures, posters, leaflets or other products, all of our work is available in a range of paper types, colours and designs – simply enquire with our team today.